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Our mission is to help with the conservation and rewilding of the native honeybee through habitat creation and development. We make log hives that mimic the natural habitat for honeybees in the Irish countryside. At Boomtreebees research/ monitoring free living colonies is a priority. We actively work together with Galway university supplying data that can help with getting a better under standing of these free living honeybee colonies. We also teach about the importance of the honeybee in our environment and what we can do to secure their future.

Michiel Verspuij

From a young age I was fascinated with the environment around me, particularly trees. I was intrigued by how adaptable they are, their different shapes and structure and how useful they are to both wildlife and humans. This led me to go on to study Forestry and Landscape Management in Velp, Gelderland, NL. After completion I came to Ireland and spend 9 yrs in the forestry/ woodland contracting business. From there I moved into organic vegetable/ fruit farming. Here it became clear to me how vital bees were for the pollination of crops. I started to explore how bees live in the wild. Given the increasing loss of wild habitats I looked at ways to mimic their natural nesting sites in tree cavities by making log hives.

Mick hanging a tree log hive


RTE Nationwide, about honeybee conservation in Ireland by Boomtreebees using log hives.


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