The log hive

In the wild the honeybees usual abode would be cavities in trees caused by naturally broken off limbs or heart rot. The preferred cavity would be 4 to 6 metres above ground, away from any natural predators. The log hives produced by Boomtreebees mimic these natural abodes. We produce 5 types of loghives. All 5 types of log hive have an average volume of 40 to 60 litres. Research shows us that this is the ideal volume for a honeybee colony. The thick walls of the log hive provides lots of insulation to the colony. It keeps the honeybees warm in the winter when it's really needed. We, at Boomtreebees, strive to be as sustainable as possible. Logs used for the production of the hives come from windfelled trees or those that were felled due to safety concerns. The hazel rods used for the hackles are coppiced locally. We are currently establishing a local and sustainable source of reed for thatching.

Tree Conservation Log hive


This log hive most closely mimics a natural nesting site as it can be placed 4 to 6 metres up in a tree. The conservation log hive has a cavity with a diameter of 10" - 12" wide and a volume of 40 to 50 litres. It has a removable floor for inspection. An insulated felt roof protects the top of the hive. It comes with heavy duty adjustable straps for securing it to the tree.

Elevated Conservation Log hive


The elevated conservation log hive is designed for areas where there are no suitable trees to place a log hive in. This conservation log hive comes with a hackle made out of hazel and reed thatch. It is elevated 2 metres above the ground by three legs. This hive also has a removable floor for inspections.

Standing Log hive


The standing log hive is designed for people that would like to harvest honey but still want to provide a more natural living environment for the honeybees. On average the logs are 1.5 metre long. The volume of the chamber is around 60 - 70 litres. It has a side entrance which can be used for inspection and to harvest honey. This log hive comes with a hazel and reed hackle which is secured to the log. 

Observation loghive


This is a horizontal loghive, designed especially for educational purposes. A clear window on one side of the loghive allows you to see inside without disturbing the colony. It comes with a stand which can be made to size to suit personal preferences.

Transfer Loghive


We have created this hive for people that have bees already but are looking for a more beefriendly hive. This type of loghive can receive up to 10 frames. With this you can transfer a full broodbox into the loghive.



Our hackles are made from hazel and reed. They provide crucial protection from the rain. They come with a protective cap. Boomtreebees can make the hackles to your required size.