In the wild the honeybees usual abode would be cavities in trees caused by naturally broken off limbs or heart rot. The preferred cavity would be 4 to 6 meters above ground, away from any natural predators. The log hives produced by us mimic these natural abodes. We produce 5 types of log hives. Logs used for the production of the hives are sustainably sourced and come from wind felled trees or those that were felled due to safety concerns. All 5 types of log hive have an average volume of 35 to 40 liters. Research shows us that this is the ideal volume for a honeybee colony. The thick walls of the log hive provides lots of insulation to the colony. It keeps the honeybees warm in the winter when it's really needed and it stops the nest from overheating in the summer. The more stable the temperature inside the nest is the less stress on the bees.

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